How To Sell Loose Diamonds. Get The Best Diamond Prices

If You Have to Sell a Diamond Ring …


Sooner or later, all of us have this experience. Someone close to us goes to die, and while we are considering what to do with their Hummel figurines or crystal candy bowls, we discover some thing unexpected: a diamond piece of jewellery. Or at least I'm sorry appears to be a diamond.  technologywebdesign

Whether making a decision to preserve the piece or supply it to someone else, that is wherein the tale ends. But in case you want to promote it, start the journey.

I inherited two diamond rings. I've in no way visible one like this earlier than: a corpulent gold ring set with three round diamonds. (More on this later).

The other, but, knew him thoroughly. It turned into my engagement ring: an emerald-reduce diamond set in a set of 4 small baguettes, set in an fashionable Art Deco platinum setting. My husband stated that his father, a diamond supplier, decided on the stones and ordered a hoop for his fiancée.


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They both died earlier than I joined the family, however while going via my husband's belongings after his demise in 2011, I located an undated image of the couple. He regarded stylish along with his cane; she changed into wrapped in furs, and they had been both standing at the deck of the Normandie steamship, on its manner from New York to Antwerp, Belgium, to shop for diamonds.

I decided to promote the jewelry after which I found out that I have special possibilities as a journalist. During interviews with various jewelers and jewelry house executives over the next few months, I requested each of them what I ought to do.  techbizcenter

Some have said that the simplest value of any diamond jewelry, until it's far made by using exquisite houses like Cartier or Chaumet, is in the diamond. Others said no, that the jewels remain intact.

But all of them agreed on one factor: The foremost diamond inside the engagement ring needed to be graded with the aid of the Gemological Institute of America, commonly referred to as the G.I.A.

The idea of ​​taking the diamond out of its placing and setting it in an envelope addressed to one of the institute's 11 labs around the arena become a piece like writing "Santa Claus on the North Pole" inside the desire of finding a Jaguar XK. E Roadster below my tree. So I called G.I.A. And asked for assist.


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First steps

Elizabeth Bremer, a technical consultant for the GIA rings manufacturing software, was my first contact. “Go to a terrific independent jeweler,” she said. "They can take a look at the putting and spot if the diamond can be appropriately removed." If so, the loose diamond must be sent to the institute's laboratory.  techsmartinfo

Otherwise, the GIA-educated jeweler's very own appraiser could make a less assured estimate. It regarded like plenty, but as Ms. Bremer assured me, "supplying this provider is a function of the retailer's business."

(In this regard, Ms. Bremer disregarded the urban legend that a jeweler may want to, or would love, to exchange a diamond for a diamond of lesser first-rate: "The damage to a jeweler's recognition and business is greater high-priced than any stone". ")  futuretechexpert

Everything sounded true. But after some cellphone calls, I nevertheless couldn't discover an unbiased rings keep that had a G.I.A. Schooling. And that became in New York.

Someone cautioned that I touch Robert Aretz, a gem appraiser who works for the GIA. A graduate, and the next day he changed into sitting in his Fifth Avenue office even as he appraised a diamond engagement ring with a battery of machines and scales. His assessment prices begin at $one hundred seventy five.

After approximately forty five mins (in all likelihood because he kept bombarding him with questions), Mr. Aretz stated he should cast off the diamond, “although the tabs preserving it in might smash and need to get replaced.” He turned into among people who notion the value of an engagement ring was inside the stone and presented to act as a dealer, estimating that he could fetch among $eight,000 and $10,000 for a diamond and receive a 10 percentage commission. The baguettes were so small that they have been not mentioned.  lifebloombeauty