How To Sell Loose Diamonds. Get The Best Diamond Prices

 How can I promote my diamond without spending a dime?

Selling diamonds with The Lozenge Registry is as easy because it sounds. All you want to do is fill out a special shape on our "Sell a Ring" page. First input your name, email and make contact with variety. Then decide the key parameters of your diamond:  smoothtechi


The shape;

carat weight;


readability degree.

If you do not know which of those elements to your diamond is which, it's excellent. For each of these responses, there's an "Not sure" choice. A little later, our advisers will help you make clear these functions. Also, don't be fearful of the shape of your diamond - our shape has photos so as to make it less complicated for you. After you entire the form and send it to us, our advisors will touch you as soon as feasible.  smarttechnofy

In simply 2 days, we are able to whole your on line purchase and switch the cash to your account within 24 hours. Furthermore, we would be glad to arrange an appointment at our Hong Kong or New York places of work and meet you in character.

So to promote diamonds on-line with us, you just need to comply with a few steps:

Complete the shape;

Please wait a couple of minutes while we touch you;

Answer extra questions on your diamond (if important);

Choose whether you need to sell your diamond online or go to us immediately in New York or Hong Kong.

Get your cash!

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Benefits of selling diamonds on-line  mucommucation

Several professionals encourage us to promote diamonds on line. Today, the whole thing is interconnected and the speed of information processing has increased dramatically. Thanks to this, you can fast discover a purchaser for your diamond. Instead of going to a nearby pawn keep or supplier, you can fill in some lines for your diamond, wait for a response, and get your cash. With the help of specialists like us, promoting your diamond on-line is secure and speedy.


Selling your diamond offline has several dangers. First of all, you want to physically circulate your gem to an area it has by no means been earlier than. This consequences in a slight chance of being robbed. The subsequent factor the eloquent pawnbroker or nearby jeweler may try to make certain is that your diamond is worth notably much less than its real rate.

But promoting online permits you to keep away from face-to-face touch with the seller if you don't love it. You can likewise take a look at all the diamond costs on the Diamond Price List web page and not waste your cash. We fee some time, your privateness, and your right to be ok with yourself.

Why sell your unfastened diamonds?

There are diverse motives why human beings sell diamonds.

A respectable diamond is a luxurious item that, if necessary, can be exchanged for a extensive quantity.

A diamond canister serve as an unpleasant reminder of an unhealthy courting with any other person.

You can constantly promote your gem due to the fact you are seeking out a bigger diamond!

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What factors can have an effect on the value of diamonds?

It could be a bonus in case your diamond is certified by a gemological laboratory. This is a special gemstone group that examines, grades and evaluates each criminal diamond earlier than it is going on the world marketplace. The most well-known and trusted laboratory within the world is known as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The GIA grade is absolute proof that a diamond became bought legally and has a clean history of ownership. If you have a quote from every other legitimate lab so as to paintings too.  appleinfocom

Without a proper certificate, it is hard to determine if a diamond is conflict-loose or if it is a stone mined some distance from regions included with the aid of armed battle.

The GIA diamond grade additionally includes the 4Cs of a diamond: carat, cut, color, and clarity. The better they're, the better the rate of a diamond. Some of them are greater critical than others. For instance, a decent cut medium coloured diamond might be extra treasured than a medium cut light colored stone. You can examine more approximately the 4Cs GIA on our 4Cs Education web page.

There is likewise the overall condition of the diamonds, which affects the rate of a placer. This refers back to the presence or absence of small or huge scratches, chips, and different technical defects. This circumstance is plain and similar to any other object you'll sell: the better the felt, the higher the rate.

What form of diamond can I promote?

There are only some regulations at the sale of a diamond. In phrases of carat weight, you can correctly promote a drab ("white") diamond of at the least 1 carat and a coloured ("fancy") diamond of as a minimum 0.2 carat.

Regarding the colour of colorless diamonds, we purchase diamonds of at the least grade K. Unfortunately, we do now not purchase loose diamonds with  computerlg