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Diamonds vs Swarovski What differentiates them?

This is a question that we will ask ourselves when buying a jewel, be it a ring, earrings or bracelets. At first glance, diamonds and Swarovki crystals appear to be the same, but they are not, and sometimes we wonder what the difference is beyond the price of the jewel we are thinking of buying. What is a Swarovski? For those who are not used to these terms, we will explain the difference between diamonds and Swarovski, so that when buying a jewel they have a very clear idea of all its qualities and virtues.

What is a diamond?

We are undoubtedly familiar with diamond (at least with the term). It is a natural stone that comes from mines in the earth and is composed of carbon . They are one of the most valuable gemstones in existence, and are mostly mined in Africa . The extraction of diamonds is difficult and dangerous, so much so that it has fueled more than one Hollywood film. Just remembering Leonardo Di Caprio in the film Blood Diamonds gives us goose bumps.

The diamonds are real gems , and the most expensive in the world. If you are going to buy an engagement ring, for example, it will be interesting to know that it contains a real diamond for all that it means: giving something of value that symbolizes eternal love . As for Swarovski crystals, they come from the Swarovski firm whose founder has been Daniel Swarovski. Whoever created a machine that cuts glass with such perfection that it revolutionized the market, and by patenting this innovation created his company in Austria. The Swarovski cut is as precise and perfect as that of the diamond, giving the crystal the same appearance as natural stone. The Swarovski crystals can be presented in different colors, shapes and sizes, custom manufactured and only in Austria. They are excellent simulators of diamond, and are characterized by their luminosity and brilliance.

As you can see, the fact that they are natural stones and manufactured crystals makes the main difference with diamond and Swarovski is their price. Swarovski crystal is significantly cheaper than diamond. It is used to decorate garments, bags of all kinds, and they have revolutionized the fashion industry by incorporating their crystals to decorate all kinds of pieces.

Therefore, when buying it is important to realize the difference between the stones, to avoid deception. It is therefore important to remember the characteristics of diamonds, the 4 C: cut, clarity, color and karats. It is recommended to buy a diamond that is certified (we could say the 5th C) since this report will indicate its origin, and this will be directly related to its value. You can read more about the diamond in this article provided by Joyas Galore.

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