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What is the Hope Diamond?

Blue diamonds are extremely rare, but you may have already heard of the most famous blue diamond - the Hope diamond. We are happy to tell you the complete story with a unique accompanying story. At the same time, we will tell you about a beautiful alternative to this colored diamond.

The story of the diamond of hope

In 1660, French businessman Jean-Baptiste Tavernier bought a 112-carat rough blue diamond. Probably, this diamond was mined at the famous Kollur mine. Upon his return to France, Tavernier sold the diamond to the French monarch Louis XIV. The magnificent 67-carat blue stone was carved by a French court sculptor from the diamond worn by King Louis XIV. Impressive, the stone has received the nickname Bleu de France (Blue of France). techwadia

In 1792, during the French Revolution, the blue diamond was stolen. It took about twenty years before the diamond was found again. The London diamond merchant had a beautiful blue diamond. Gemological tests showed that the cut was Bleu de France.

Eventually the stone fell into the hands of Henry Philip Hope. Thus, the current name of the diamond comes from its name, which is why the stone is known as "Diamond Hope". After Hope's death, the stone had several owners, including Pierre Cartier. Between 1911 and 1947, the stone belonged to an American woman named Evelyn Walsh McLean, whose necklace had Hope's diamond embedded in her necklace.

American jeweler Harry Winston purchased the Hope Diamond and donated it to the Smithsonian Institution in 1958. You can still admire it at the National Museum of Natural History.

Curse of the diamond of hope

According to some legends, the Hope Diamond is cursed. The stone was recovered from a statue of a Hindu god who cursed the stone. Over the years, many homeowners have passed away under sometimes questionable circumstances or experienced misfortune after purchasing a diamond. The question may arise if his misfortune and death are really related to the Hope Diamond. Do you also want jewelry with a beautiful blue stone like the Hope diamond? Request a quote.

A diamond of hope in recent history

You've probably heard about the diamond of hope elsewhere. In fact, the diamond was the inspiration for Heart of the Ocean, a fictional gem that appears in

Titanic. The Hope Diamond was the inspiration for the Heart of the Ocean: these are two blue diamonds of the same size and their stories coincide. Actress Gloria Stewart wore this stunning $ 1.4 million replica at the 1998 Academy Awards.

What makes Hope Diamond so special?

The Hope Diamond is a fine type IIb gemstone weighing 45.52 carats. At this carat weight, it is the largest blue diamond ever found. Its size has allowed scientists to look at how diamonds are formed. Its color is described as an elegant dark grayish blue. In 1996, the GIA examined the stone and awarded it an elegant navy blue label.

How much does the "Hope" diamond cost?

Calculating the exact value of a diamond of hope is not easy, but experts estimate it at around $ 350 million. Therefore, it is one of the most valuable diamonds in the world. Only diamonds with even more impressive characteristics and a unique history, such as the Cullinan and Koh-i-Noor diamonds, are even more valuable.

Where can you admire the Diamond of Hope?

Since 1958, the Hope diamond has been included in the gem collection of the French National Museum of Natural History. Today he can still be seen in this museum. Owned by the Smithsonian Institution for over 60 years, the Diamond of Hope has left the museum only four times. Within a month, the diamond was exhibited at the Louvre, once it was exhibited in South Africa, and the stone itself was exhibited twice in New York. First time at Harry Winston Inc.'s 50th anniversary celebration. and a second time as part of their service.

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Learn about other famous diamonds

By now you know everything about the history of the Nadezhda diamond and its unique properties. Of course, there are other diamonds that would be useful to know about. We will kick off a series of diary posts so you can learn more about some of the most famous diamonds in the world.

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