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Each neckline has a type of necklace or pendant. It's a matter of style and we are going to teach you the fashion tricks you need to know to show off your jewelry to perfection. How to combine necklaces with necklines is a question that comes to all of us at some point in our lives. Either because we want to release a fashionable necklace or because we want to dress in a special garment, it is essential not to sin excessively. The latter is nothing new, but we thought that giving you a few tricks can make your looks shine and make you look ideal.

Choose necklaces according to necklines

Boat-neckline: we start with one of our favorites for its elegance. The neckline or boat neck calls for minimalism and simple necklaces that hang little (like chokers) to style everything as a whole.

Box or square neckline: very common in the wardrobes of any 'it girl' has its pros and cons. The garments that wear it tend to enhance the shoulders too much, so here the success will be to use large and long necklaces or pendants that go above the neckline if this is the case. Or if not, short necklaces and chokers.

V-neckline: a little more of the same. If you use a V-neck, since it tends to enlarge the chest, you will have to take into account the jewel that you are going to wear. No round or too large necklaces. The best option will be a long piece with the same shape of the neckline.

Round neckline : following in the same line as the previous type of neckline. In this case, it is also much more flattering if the necklace follows the same shape as the neckline. For a good contrast, the ideal would be that you opt for chokers, short round necklaces or chocker necklaces.

Shirt neckline: the most versatile of all. The shirt collar allows you to wear almost any type of collar. Generally, if you wear your shirt open, we recommend that you choose a choker or short necklace. However, if you are going to wear it closed, a longer necklace or pendant that goes above the neckline.

High neckline or turtleneck: the high neck in winter is the main protagonist of our looks and for this reason it is worth knowing that not all necklaces are valid with it. If you want to get it right, long necklaces (never more than the navel) and thin.

Neckline with straps: it depends on the thickness of the straps, we can choose a wide and long necklace for the more open necklines that favor the thin straps; On the contrary, if the straps are thicker, any type could be divine.

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