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Before a solemn event, you need to look great. A wedding deserves a unique look in which you can look elegant and comfortable. In this case, we thought that if you want to be the perfect guest, the most appropriate offer is the beautiful gold jewelry that we are developing at RAS.

Betting on us for your accessories is a success thanks to our meticulous design, executed with the delicacy and passion that have characterized us for over 70 years.

Whether it's a nice long or short dress, a jumpsuit or a suit (to break stereotypes), the products we offer you are genuine “Made in Spain” jewelry and costume jewelry and match your style perfectly.

Finding modern necklaces that match our online image can be ineffective if we just let ourselves get carried away by what we wear. A fundamental element such as original design is the key to making our necklace surprising with its originality.

Sometimes it's not about prices, because the most important thing when buying jewelry is original design and high-quality materials.

Before writing this post, we thought about picking up some necklaces, as well as one of the necklaces that could be gifted to a friend, mother, girlfriend, or complete stranger.

There is so much variation on the market that, as we said, when creating a gift, we pay more attention to the price, how surprising it can be, the illusion that it can cause in another person. What if it's a gift from yourself?

Quite right, we want to have more if a good choice is right. It might be the most attractive addition to our look, and we'd expect positive feedback on how beautiful it is and questions about where we buy it.

At RAS, all our jewelry is made by hand. And we thought about showing you some of those necklaces that go well with any style. Like this!



Cat lovers or cat lovers are in luck. We have designed a collection of cat jewelry for cat lovers. These are jewelry and bijouterie, made in Spain, in silver color and with the image of a cat. But before I introduce you to these things, let's talk a little about the things that make a good cat lover.

First of all, if you arespeculating who a cat lover is ... Let's see how not everything in life can be black or white, the same happens in the world of cats. That is, there are people who love cats and others who hate them. Among those who like them are those fans who are passionate about these animals, live with more than one cat (in many cases) and go out of their way for them. These are cat lovers.A person who loves cats to such an extent usually has certain traits or characteristics that attract attention:

1. They are a homebody. 

2. As soon as they get home, the first thing they do is say hello to their cat. And if they leave, too.

3. Your cat, protagonist in all your social networks.

4. Presentation in society: they make sure that both your family or your group of friends know your cat well.

5. They have the best psychologist: they talk to him every day.

6. They are never lacking in love: although these animals are characterized by being very independent, they give their owners a good daily portion of pampering. 

7. Cat motifs are part of the decoration of the house and their lifestyle.

You feel identified? Surely then you are a true cat lover. And so, thinking of you, we have designed and developed our collection handcrafted jewelry shaped cat is composed of: earrings cats , pendant cats , needlefish cats  and bracelet cats . Here you can see the pieces that are made up and you know, never stop loving cats. They will always be there for you.

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